PGM Services - Areal Photogram​metry

Aerial Photogrammetry involves the use of manned aircraft or helicopters equipped with high-resolution cameras to capture images of large areas from above. This method utilizes specialized software to process these images, creating accurate and detailed maps, models, or surveys of expansive landscapes, infrastructure, or geographical regions. Aerial Photogrammetry plays a pivotal role in urban planning, land development, environmental assessment, and infrastructure monitoring by providing comprehensive spatial data for precise analysis and decision-making.

Areal Photogram​metry 

Although drones are practical and suitable for many surveying projects, sometimes you'll need a more advanced solution.

If you plan a project over a large area, the best solution for collecting data is aerial surveying by aircraft or helicopter.

They can cover much bigger distances and spaces, while drones are better for inspecting small objects and surveying small areas.

What are the benefits of aerial photogrammetry?

Covers large areas: airplanes and helicopters can fly long distances, which makes them suitable for big projects.

Planes can bring heavy and advanced equipment: sometimes, it's necessary to do measurements with hefty equipment, which is impossible with drones. 

More accurate data: tools and sensors that aircraft can bring are more expensive and extremely precise. That will allow you to gather highly accurate information about the area.

Time-saving: it will save a lot of time and keep pace with your project deadline.

Aerial photogrammetry is essential for major projects over a large area. This method of surveying is the best option for collecting exact data with minimum time and effort.

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