Cadastral Geodesy - Cadastral Plan Development

Cadastral Geodesy involving cadastral plan development focuses on creating detailed land parcel maps. These plans outline precise property boundaries, dimensions, and ownership information, serving as legal documents crucial for property registration, land valuation, and urban development, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory frameworks

How can we help you to maintain a cadastral survey and ensure that the cadastral plan is updated at any moment?  

Additional recording

check all details to avoid any unwanted situations.

Cadastral plan digitation

crucial for removing mistakes from the past years which couldn’t be corrected before. Also, it ensures faster and easier cadaster maintenance and data management.

Parcel division

whatever needs to be divided, we are here to help.

Aerial filming

when you need a detailed urbanistic plan, aerial filming is ideal for the exact situation on the field.

Registration or removing objects from the cadaster

we will help you with any change that needs to be made.

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