PGM Services - Close Range Photogrammetry

Close Range Photogrammetry is a precise and advanced surveying technique that involves capturing detailed images of objects or structures from a short distance. Utilizing high-resolution cameras and specialized software, it reconstructs three-dimensional models by analyzing multiple images, enabling accurate measurements, assessments, and analyses of intricate or small-scale subjects with exceptional detail and precision. 

Did you know photogrammetry was the most applied science field a century ago?

If your project develops in a dangerous, inaccessible area, the best option is a photogrammetry survey. Precisely: close range photogrammetry.

This type of surveying uses photographs to collect data, usually up to 300 m (1000 feet). It creates a precise 3D model of the environment or an object. It gives the best results in areas that are not easily reachable.

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 What are the advantages of close-range photogrammetry?

Saves precious time

This method of surveying gathers information faster than other types. It is particularly desirable in challenging terrains and will save time.

It's practical, affordable, and saves money

Close range photogrammetry needs simple, mobile equipment. This gear is portable, and it's possible to measure different sites at once.

Photographs are in a high-quality resolution

Some spots are difficult or impossible to see without using additional methods. With close range photogrammetry, you will not only have access to these sites but will also get clear pictures.

Detailed and exact information

You will have exact data and photographs from various angles and all directions. This surveying method is more accurate than other methods because it considers all measurements throughout the process.

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