Cadastral Geodesy - Building layouts

Building layouts, extends its precision to include indoor home layout planning. This specialized process involves meticulous measurements and mapping of interior spaces, ensuring accurate floor plans, room dimensions, and property documentation essential for real estate transactions, renovations, and interior design. By providing comprehensive spatial information, it facilitates effective utilization and modification of indoor spaces within the legal framework of property ownership.

Do you want to become the owner of one part of the house or some other object?

It’s crucial to do the process called a condominium.

How will this process help you, and why is it important? 

The surveyor will determine the exact borders and measurements of all inside surfaces.

This will ensure an accurate sketch with a precisely defined object surface, which is essential for any sales contract.

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What do you need for a condominium?

  • Copy of a real estate list
  • Building permission
  • Copy of cadastral plan​

 What do you get with a condominium?

  • Avoiding legal problems
  • Possibility to arrange your space according to your wishes
  • An opportunity to get mortgage credit
  • Paying water, electricity, and other bills separately
  • Easier selling, all buyers like a clear situation when purchasing any real estate
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