Monitoring - Automated Monitoring

Automated Monitoring Surveying utilizes advanced automated systems to collect, process, and analyze data for continuous and real-time monitoring purposes. Employing cutting-edge technology and sensors, this method offers seamless and efficient monitoring of various parameters such as structural integrity, environmental changes, or construction activities, providing immediate insights and facilitating timely decision-making for enhanced safety and project management.

Automated Monitoring

Until a few years ago, the monitoring process looked totally different.

A surveyor would come to the site, set up a total station, make a measurement and finish the job. This procedure takes too long, requires additional costs and the data wasn't as relevant as needed.

Automated total stations changed this approach in a whole new way.

 What is automated monitoring, and why is it crucial in observing any object or environment?

This method consists of several connected and automated total stations. It is possible to put them on the object or construction site and will automatically collect the necessary data.

They work autonomously and make measurements with high precision. Processing the data and adjusting the network is automatic. That provides regularly updated information and saves time.

Automated monitoring is essential in many ways

Reveals structural deformations and settlements with high accuracy

This process will help you monitor and prevent possible issues with increased efficiency and more precise data.

Lowers costs and saves time

Since the process works automatically and continuously, you will save time, money, and effort compared to the old way of monitoring.

Practical and reliable

This system is easy to install and requires low energy and minimum effort, which makes it a reasonable option for many needs.

 Automated monitoring is perfect for complex and big projects like underground structures, tunnels, rail, and others.

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