Monitoring - Combined Monitoring

Combined Monitoring integrates various surveying and monitoring techniques, merging traditional methods like manual surveying with cutting-edge technologies such as satellite-based monitoring (like InSAR) or advanced geodetic instruments. By combining these approaches, it offers a comprehensive and holistic view of structural, environmental, or geophysical changes, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments for a wide range of projects and applications within the geodetic field.

What happens when the project requires different monitoring techniques to achieve the best results?

This situation calls for combined monitoring.

an aerial view of a mountain range

What is a combined monitoring?

InSAR monitoring can reveal shore settlement and stability within millimeters, while automated monitoring can track all changes 24/7 on the ground.

This sentence is an example, but the point is clear. It's essential to detect and prevent all issues before they happen. Combined monitoring can help you save time, money, and effort.

Every project is a story itself. We will recommend the most suitable method for every undertaking you have.

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