Construction Surveying - High raise surveying

High Rise Surveying involves specialized geodetic techniques to accurately measure and assess vertical structures, such as skyscrapers or towers. Our expertise in High Rise Surveying ensures meticulous data collection and analysis for construction, maintenance, and structural integrity evaluations.

Surveyor’s worst enemy, when you need correct vertical alignment in building surveying, is called architect.  


Of course, this is a joke.

As technology is moving forward, architects are inventing new ways of the morphology of design. 

This makes it harder for the surveyor to provide correct vertical alignment in building surveying, which is essential when constructing an object.

That’s why modern GNSS surveying techniques are crucial.

Of course, sometimes buildings can be aligned with optical systems if there are adequate and clear lines of sight. But buildings are often constructed inside urban areas, and lines of view are blocked by other objects.

man in white long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans standing on white metal ladder
yellow crane near building during daytime

What do you get with better vertical alignment systems in building surveying?


Your projects can keep up more accessible with the deadlines, and you will save time.

Real-time information

large high-rise surveying projects are always challenging, so having correct data at the right time will help you stay stress-free.

Good onsite communication

well-designed site software will help you to adjust and transform different coordinate systems and automate them.

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