Monitoring - Inertial Monitoring

Inertial Monitoring Surveying integrates inertial sensors for precise measurement and tracking of movement in surveying applications. This technology, employing accelerometers and gyroscopes, ensures accurate positioning and orientation data crucial for dynamic surveys in challenging terrains, infrastructure assessments, and navigation, providing reliable insights into the changes and movements within survey areas

Inertial Monitoring

"It's better to prevent than to cure"

When it comes to large projects, you want to be sure everything is as it should be.

A single miscalculation or an oversight, and guess what? A dam or a bridge suddenly collapsed, ​ a train derailed due to material fatigue.

That's why you need appropriate structural health monitoring and wireless monitoring tools.

It's a vital part of any construction assignment and will ensure a complete insight into all structural deformations.

crane on water damn

 How does this process work, and what are the benefits?

Structural health monitoring works by wireless sensors which send data to a cloud server. These sensors are easy to install and put on any object you want to monitor.

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Detects vibrations, cracks, deformations, and settlements of the entity itself and nearby buildings:

Having an insight into these crucial parameters is essential for every object. Structural health monitoring locates all possible issues and allows a real-time overview, preventing unnecessary scenarios.

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Practical and cost-effective.

Wireless monitoring tools are easy to install and use little energy. Also, you can remotely manage the whole system and the data from anywhere.

Reduces expenses and slowdowns.

When you detect all issues on time, you will save money and prevent downtime, which leads to better productivity and fewer costs.

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Improves safety.

Wireless monitoring tools allow a 24/7 overview of the situation on the construction site. That will increase the security of the building area and people as well.

It is appropriate for construction sites, bridges, dam monitoring, rail monitoring, tunnel monitoring, and many more.

Structural health monitoring is a helpful and efficient solution for many objects and construction spots. It will prevent possible challenges, save time and money, and enhance safety.

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