LiDAR Services - Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning utilizes advanced laser technology to capture highly detailed and accurate three-dimensional representations of landscapes, structures, or objects from a fixed position on the ground. This precise surveying technique offers unparalleled data for geodetic applications, enabling comprehensive analysis and visualization of terrain, infrastructure, and architectural elements

What if we tell you this:

- Mu​ch lower fees and more accurate construction data? 

With 3D laser scanning, precisely terrestrial laser scanning, it's more than possible.

As technology is going forward, surveying methods are developing more and more. That leads to fewer expenses, better information analysis, and saving time and energy.

The essential advantage of terrestrial laser scanning is providing detailed data without a physical presence on the site.

A laser quickly gathers all details and makes a 3D point cloud with millions or billions of data points. With the information you get, it's possible to make a precise 3D model of the building or an environment.

Let's see what the benefits of terrestrial laser scanning are

Reduces costs and speeds up the process

3D laser scanning saves time and provides accurate construction data with minimum charges, which is crucial for every project.

Suitable for inaccessible or hazardous areas

This type of surveying rises safety and decreases expenses for health and safety measures. It is an excellent solution when the site is not easily reachable. It will collect information rapidly and without human presence and manual measurement.

Appropriate for different purposes

Terrestrial laser scanning is excellent for making various 3D models and helps you deal with many construction projects and environments.


All information is quickly available to the whole team, which helps to make decisions fast. Also, if your client needs additional details or the requirements change in the later stage, the data is easily accessible and manageable.

Terrestrial laser scanning is a highly-efficient way of collecting data that will save time and money and increase safety.

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