Construction Surveying - Topography

Topographic surveying in construction involves detailed mapping and measurement of the land's surface characteristics. It encompasses the identification of natural and man-made features, elevation changes, and contours, providing essential data for effective site planning, design, and construction to ensure projects are executed accurately within the existing landscape.

Do you want to construct a new building, a drainage system, or remodel existing structures?

Before the design process starts, to minimize costs and avoid construction mistakes, it's essential to do topographic surveying.

This type of surveying, also called contour survey, has many advantages, and provides necessary information about the levels of the site, surface and physical features: vegetation, boundary lines, structures, buildings, etc.

What are the benefits of topographic surveying?

1. Reduces costs and helps to avoid possible mistakes

A topography survey ensures that you get clear and precise data about the surface structures, which will help when making correct decisions and planning a new project or making changes to existing facilities.

2.  Saves time

Topographic surveying can save a lot of project time if you have relevant data about the surface of the site and its structures.

3.  Reveals hidden information

It can show how the land changed over time. 

What surveying equipment is necessary for this process?

  • GPS: surveys the area and produces fixed points of land
  • EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement): measures the length between two points with electronic energy waves
  • Drone surveying: a great way to save time and get precise data all at once

Topographic surveying is a vital process that should be done before the design process starts. It will help you avoid mistakes, minimize costs, and save time.

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