Construction Surveying - Tunnel Surveying

Tunnel surveying in construction involves specialized measurement and mapping techniques essential for tunnel construction and maintenance. It encompasses precise alignment, monitoring, and mapping of underground passages, ensuring accuracy in excavation, structural integrity, and adherence to design specifications throughout the tunneling process

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Fastest growing market?

A stunning fact: did you know that tunneling makes up only 1% of the construction market, but it grows at 7% per year? It's twice as fast compared to the global construction market!

Since the demand and the competition rise, you need quality tunnel surveying. That will provide the best possible data for safe building and distinguish your company from others.

Of course, it's all about precision

Let's see how tunnel surveying helps you direct the construction of underground structures and all the benefits it provides.

What type of tunnel do you need?

There are three main classifications:

1. Continuous tunnels

this type doesn't have cross-sections.

2. Segmented tunnels

this type of tunnel is possible to divide into smaller segments.

3. Complex tunnel intersections

most challenging and requires good accuracy.

Depending on the project and the type, a surveyor will make necessary measurements, draw the underground structure and direct the construction.

Surveying equipment: what is necessary to get optimal data?

Part of the work is done above the ground, while most is underground.

On the ground

a surveyor uses a combination of GNSS, total stations, and drone surveying.

Underground surveying

requires different techniques and knowledge.

In the last few years, 3D laser scanning and Building Information Modelling combined with gyroscopes are becoming the norm and ensuring the most profitable results.

 3D laser scanning provides good quality and density of data for calculations of the material used, and it's the biggest asset of this technique.

  • Ensures the work is progressing according to the plan
  • Saves time: you can finish your project earlier
  • Speeds up the process of designing the tunnel and the construction
  • Reduces the costs: we all like it when we save some money, right?
  • Ensures the safety of everyone: crucial to avoid any unwanted situation

Tunneling is becoming increasingly popular, and it's growing fast.

Provide quality tunnel surveying and distinguish your company in this challenging market.

What are the benefits of tunnel surveying?

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