Inspections services -  Visual inspections

Visual Inspection Services involve thorough on-site examinations conducted by qualified professionals to visually assess infrastructure, construction sites, or assets. Utilizing keen observation skills and expertise, these inspections evaluate the physical condition, potential hazards, and compliance with safety standards, providing clients with detailed reports and actionable insights to maintain or improve the integrity and safety of their projects or assets.

Visual Inspections

While you don't even think about it, a small, secret crack grows in the object. A hidden threat lurks and waits for the right moment. Then, a disaster happens.

That is not a horror movie scenario. That situation is more than possible and shows how essential visual inspection is for every project.

Visual checking during construction or periodically after an establishment is equally critical. This procedure helps detect potential oversights which can violate the stability. It reveals and prevents things we don't want to happen.

If they are on the way to occur, at least we can react appropriately.

engeneer doing visual inspection of rail road

Where to use visual inspection, and how does this procedure work?

This process is vital in many undertakings.

Some of the most important ones are inspecting roofs, concrete inspection, power plants, bridges, wind turbines, high-rise buildings, and tunnels.

Depending on project requirements and the situation, it's possible to do a visual inspection with photographs or a high-resolution video.  

For inspection on the ground, a surveyor takes photographs or videotapes. 

Above the ground, the best way to perform this process is with drones.

Underground and underwater locations need different equipment.

For below-ground structures, a surveyor uses GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Under the water surface, the most common way is to use ROV-underwater drones.

A visual inspection will help you detect, analyze, and control all possible dangers. In this way, you'll save time and money and enhance security.

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