Construction Surveying - Bridge Surveying

Bridge surveying in construction involves specialized techniques for precise measurement, layout, and analysis crucial for bridge construction and maintenance. It encompasses detailed topographic mapping, structural monitoring, and alignment verification to ensure the integrity, safety, and proper functioning of bridges throughout their lifecycle.

Are you planning to construct a bridge and need bridge surveying?

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Explore the crucial preparatory steps before before constructing

Reconnaissance survey

Check all possible sites and help determine the best location. Once this process finishes, the next step is a preliminary survey.

Preliminary survey

Help's establish horizontal and vertical control and information for the bridge design and how to plan the construction. If the situation requires specifying additional lines throughout the building, a surveyor will do that upon request.

Choosing the best bridge surveying method

Plane surveying

Is the best option for short-span bridges. This method works best in small, flat areas.


In the situation during and after construction is necessary for any possible issue. Bridges are vital in our lives and need constant care and maintenance.

Bridge surveying

Includes working in the water, which is exciting but challenging at the same time. Underwater surveying uses 3D sonar to get a clear picture.

Geodetic surveying

Is more accurate and is the best solution for long and big bridges. If needed, a surveyor will use both techniques for optimal results.

Keep the data  

Another essential thing is keeping the data for the future. In that way, you will see how fast the bridge is degrading and if it requires any repairs. 

In the end  

It's all about precision and professional work. Quality bridge surveying determines all details and prevents situations that can complicate construction.

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