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Our drone photogrammetry services capture high-resolution aerial data, transforming landscapes into detailed 3D models for precise mapping, inspection, and planning in various industries with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

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PGM Services - Drone Photogram​metry

Drone Photogrammetry leverages unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with cameras to capture high-resolution aerial imagery. This cutting-edge technique utilizes overlapping images taken from different angles to create detailed 3D models and maps of landscapes, infrastructure, or terrain. Offering swift and cost-effective data collection, Drone Photogrammetry enables precise surveying, mapping, and monitoring, proving beneficial across industries like construction, agriculture, environmental analysis, and urban planning for informed decision-making and efficient project management.

Does your project include surveying in harsh weather, inaccessible terrain, or on earthquake and volcanic activity areas?

Drone photogrammetry is the best option.

Nowadays, drones are accessible and affordable for almost everyone. With this way of collecting data, you can get highly accurate information about the terrain.

A drone survey takes a series of images from different angles and positions. You can get precise data and create a 3D map for your project with minimum costs and effort.

There are several benefits of this surveying method. Let's see some of them.


Drone photogrammetry requires minimal equipment and training, which reduces costs.



As technology develops, drones are becoming available to almost anyone. With a few hundred dollars invested in a drone, you can get exact surveying data without hiring people and aircraft.

Detailed and precise data

One of the best things about drones is they can fly lower than airplanes. That allows for collecting maximally accurate info (up to 1 cm-0.4 inches).

Reduces safety risks

Drone photogrammetry can access unreachable terrains. In that way, workers don't need to go there, which is essential for their security.

Practical and versatile

Drones can carry various equipment, such as cameras, thermal cameras, sensors, etc. They can gather data for different purposes, such as 3D modeling, mapping, and surveying.

Resistant to weather conditions

These helpful devices can operate in rain, snow, and moderate winds, which makes them highly efficient.

turned-on drone

A drone survey is a great way to collect exact and detailed terrain information in challenging areas. It saves time and money. Drone photogrammetry is an excellent choice for many projects.

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