Construction Surveying - Utility Surveying

What connects constructors, engineers, developers, and utility owners? It’s quality utility surveying.

Utility surveying in construction involves the comprehensive mapping and identification of underground utilities such as gas, water, electricity, and telecommunications. This process employs various techniques to locate and map these utilities accurately, minimizing risks during construction and ensuring the safety and efficiency of excavation and groundwork.

What are the benefits, and why is it one of the most important things to do before construction work starts?

Locates all potential hazards

A surveyor checks the ground for pipes, wiring, sewage, drainage, gas, and other services. By finding them, you will be aware of the situation underground and avoid damage.

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Reduces costs and saves time 

Utility surveying is cost-effective and saves time because it prevents delay and possible damage and maximizes the total land space for use.

Ensures safety on the construction site 

Pipes and cables underground can be dangerous for workers and the public. Utility surveying will provide a safe working environment.

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Since every soil type is different, every situation requires adequate equipment and techniques.

The crucial device in utility surveying is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). It penetrates the ground, sends signals, and collects data. If there are pipes or wiring underground, the information will come back to the radar.

This process will save money and time because you will not need digging or drilling.

Radio Frequency Cable Avoidance (CAT) and Signal Generator Tools serve for locating the cable services underground and other lines.

Professional and quality-made utility surveying will help you to make your construction site safe, avoid potential damage, and reduce costs.

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